3 Things to Know Before Hiring a Drone Pilot

by | Nov 27, 2017 | blog

Drone footage is not only cool- it’s becoming a necessity for real estate agents and businesses across the country. But there are rules and regulations in place that you must be aware of. 

Did you know that all commercial drone pilots have to pass the FAA’s part 107 Drone Exam? 

If you are making a profit from using your drone for ANY business, you must be licensed by the FAA. This includes realtors, home inspectors, builders, professional photographers, etc.

And that’s not ALL. In the state of North Carolina, anyone who wants to commercially fly a drone has to pass an additional test through the NCDOT. 

If a drone pilot is caught flying a drone and does not possess this license, the penalties are criminal, not civil, and the pilot could be arrested and prosecuted criminally. I’m baffled by the amount of folks out there who still take chances trying to skirt around the law.

What about insurance? Do drones have to be insured? And what about liability? 

Drone insurance is not a requirement by law, but it is a real good idea.

Let’s face it, UAV technology isn’t perfect and fly-aways do happen, even to the best of us. And, you don’t want to be “that guy” who crashes his drone into someone’s car or home and doesn’t have liability insurance. Protect yourself. It doesn’t cost that much.

In addition, proper insurance might be the deciding factor in whether a client hires you or the next guy, and it gives your client the peace of mind knowing that damages to property or people are fully covered.

All serious pilots have liability insurance because it is a strong credible indicator for your business prospects and shows that you’re professional and reputable. 

Christi Lowe Productions is fully licensed and insured. If you are in the market for drone footage, contact us. Although, if you decide to go with someone else, make sure they are both licensed and insured to protect your business from liability claims.

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