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by | Nov 14, 2017 | blog

Social media platforms have long been thought of as entertainment, but in 2017 with the development of algorithms it has become a powerful marketing tool.

Here are some interesting statistics to keep in mind when thinking about your social media marketing videos:

1. Roughly 85% of videos on Facebook are watched without sound.

Most videos shared on Facebook are cute, funny, and short. Add the fact that you have to click on the video in order to hear the sound, it adds a level of commitment that most users aren’t going to do as they are scrolling through their feed.

So keep your videos short and impactful enough to grab their attention and always generate subtitles specifically for the person who doesn’t want sound.

2. Almost half of marketers plan on adding a YouTube content strategy this year.

YouTube boasts a billion users worldwide making it mandatory for many businesses. It is most appropriate when you want to share something that is fun, engaging, or easily shareable content.

3. Nearly 80% of consumers feel that demonstration videos are helpful.

People who are at a certain stage of your sales funnel just want to know how your gizmo works, and they want a short video that tells them straight up.

4. People watch 10 million videos a day on SnapChat.

SnapChat can be helpful in a lot of businesses in the cause of humanizing your brand. People want to feel a connection with whom they buy products from and it can start with you speaking their language in places where they are talking.

Traditionally, SnapChat was thought of as exclusively for teens and close friends, similarly to the beginning of Facebook and Instagram. As the platform grows SnapChat will become a necessary component of marketing strategies.

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