You Get What You Pay For

by | Oct 27, 2016 | blog

When it comes to video ads – you DO get what you pay for.

A friend recently asked if I could video a 1:30 commercial for a very popular, online business listing service.  I won’t bash publicly, but the company logo features a little red flower (and it starts with a “Y”).

This friend had purchased an “advertising package” with said online listing service, but this service couldn’t find a local videographer willing to do the work. Upon further investigation, I quickly discovered why.

This company wanted a local video professional to shoot one hour of video on location, and a half-hour interview – and then edit it all into a one and a half minute video – with not one, but three client revisions included. For all of this hard work – which, trust me, is hard work (about 10 hours worth – maybe more depending on revisions) this very popular listing service would pay a whopping $200. Say, what?

Needless to say, I don’t know of any video professional who could meet that kind of price point – especially when you consider equipment maintenance, supplies, and other overhead costs involved in addition to the actual labor.

When I told my friend the reason her business ad might not get done, she was not happy.  Her words to me, and I quote, “Great. They’ll probably send someone crappy.”

For her sake, I hope she’s wrong.

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