Think Marketing DVDs are Out of Fashion?

by | Jul 31, 2016 | blog

Digital video marketing is at an all-time high. With search engines like Google paying special attention to posts, websites, etc. that include video content, smart businesses these days are uploading videos to  promote themselves on just about every site possible. Which brings to mind this question: “Are marketing DVDs out of Fashion”?

While they may be less common, marketing DVDs still have a place in the world of business advertising. For example, we just produced, copied and packaged 50 DVD copies of a video we shot for a local nursing and rehabilitation center. Sure, they could and probably will put the video on their website. But this company wanted a neatly packaged, sharp looking DVD for their sales reps to personally hand out to local doctors, who will hopefully watch the video, and in turn, refer some of their patients to the center for it’s vigorous rehabilitation program.

Whispering Pines Marketing DVD

Another example would be for a company that staffs a lot of promotional booths at business expos or trade shows. You can always have a video playing on a large screen TV at your booth, but why not have a few DVD copies on hand to send back with company reps with the most potential for becoming good prospects?

Or how about this one… DVD’s are great for training videos, tutorials, and other “how to” demonstrations that customers might want to play over and over again while learning. Sure, you can post training videos online, but some people prefer to watch them at home in front of the TV – or while traveling, say, on a plane when you can’t use your wifi.

Hey, I’m not knocking YouTube – I personally learn from videos posted there all the time. But don’t count DVDs out just yet. As long as humans continue to learn things by watching videos, and businesses continue to advertise their goods and services with video content, there will remain a place for professional DVDs on the market.

By: Christi Lowe, Owner of Christi Lowe Productions

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