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by | Dec 13, 2019 | blog

Here at Christi Lowe Productions, we love to make films that help out our clients, but there are films that touch our own hearts during the production process as well. One of these films, Poachers and Protectors: The Story of Scarlet Macaws in Honduras, has not only touched our hearts, but also the hearts of others around the world! We are honored and excited to announce our film was recently awarded the Best Wildlife Conservation Film at the Reedy Reels Film Festival in Greenville, South Carolina.

We spent two weeks filming in a remote region of Honduras for this project, in the Village of Mabita, La Moskitia, Honduras, and are excited that we can now share this work with you.

Our very own Christi Lowe of Christi Lowe Productions produced and directed the film. She was able to attend the film festival and talk about the great work our partners at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and One Earth Conservation are doing to protect scarlet macaws, and her experience making the short film. The wildlife conservation film session of the festival was supported by the Greenville Zoo, and we thank them for their commitment to conservation.

Poachers and Protectors has been accepted into several other film festivals, and we are truly honored this effort has touched so many.

Christi Lowe has won several awards for her work throughout her career, including two Emmys.  She is  thankful to be recognized for her films, as well as the opportunity to spread the message of conservation. In addition to a beautiful trophy, as a prize for this award, she received artwork painted by a giraffe! This is an amazing and great gift you can bet we will treasure at Christi Lowe Productions. If you’d like to view the film, you can watch it here.

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