Our Trip to Honduras – Filming a Documentary – Day 6

by | Jun 6, 2018 | blog

Day 6- Tuesday 5/1/18

Today is a much more relaxing day, as we only have three things we really need to film today. First, the crew is going to go out on another nest check mission, with the goal of wrapping up a few shots we weren’t able to get the first time.

I stayed behind in the camp, to work on logging interviews, and writing this daily journal.

Once the crew returns, we are to go film another scenic location, the bridge in Roos Roos, which is an old, wooden bridge known for its beauty. We are hoping to catch a few of the macaws flying near the river. So far, that’s proven to be a very difficult task, as they are not predictable. They often fly between Roos Roos and Mabita, but they don’t take the same path, so catching them in flight is not easy.

Tonight, we have asked the villagers to play some native music for us. We hope to use some of their music in the documentary, plus it’ll be really cool. One of the leaders can play the piano and the guitar, and the others play drums on old turtle shells, and crocodile jaw bones.

7:00 PM. The music was wonderful, and they also treated us to some native dancing. It was really fun to watch them have a good time, and the rest of the crew seemed to enjoy it as well.

For dinner tonight, we had beans and rice, boiled plantains, eggs with tomatoes and onions, and a native fruit that tastes a lot like a sweet potato. It is called sopa.

Tomorrow morning we are getting up bright and early for a 6:00 AM interview with Santiago, the leader of this village.

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