Why Your Business Needs Video Now More Than Ever [infographic]

If your business hasn’t used video as a marketing tool up to this point, it’s time to start. Video is becoming increasingly popular, and now, even small businesses can create and share high-quality videos to market their services.

Why Your Business Needs Video Now More Than Ever

The Rising Popularity of Video

Not only is video becoming more popular, but it’s also becoming more widespread, as evidenced by these statistics:

  • 86% of marketers use Facebook videos for marketing purposes.
  • 91% of marketers plan to use video as a marketing tool in 2023.
  • 90% of marketers prefer YouTube for sharing video.

Types of Videos to Create

You can create your marketing campaigns to the next level by creating these types of videos:

  • Product demonstrations geared towards new users or customers
  • Short video product features to help a new product gain more attention
  • Customer testimonials to help you win new business
  • Informational videos that cover trends and applicable topics in your industry

How We Can Help

  • We’d love to hear your ideas! We can come in and help you create a marketing video from concept to final files.
  • Sign up for our Video Production Master Class to learn how to make your own marketing videos in-house.


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