Have questions about our process? Wondering why you need video in your business? Overwhelmed about what kind of video you need or finding the right company to work with? We answer those questions and more below.

We are a solution-oriented company producing high-quality, professional marketing videos for a wide variety of business applications.

Video is king. Again. If you aren’t sure what we mean, consider this. Several years ago, when companies started recognizing that technology in entertainment meant that television commercials weren’t getting the exposure they used to, many decided to move their marketing budget into things other than marketing videos. However, with the popularity and opportunities of social media, email campaigns, and other forums, videos have exploded and are dominating the digital market as the top performer. Almost every platform now caters to video posts, pushing video content ahead of photos, blogs, etc.  Therefore, it could be a costly mistake not to reassess how videos can fit into your marketing efforts. At Christi Lowe Productions, we have the experience and expertise to create visually stunning and effective marketing videos that capture attention, are readily shared, and can take your company’s success to higher levels than you might imagine.

The important thing about marketing videos is quality. Not only must the message be clear, understandable, and inspiring, but your potential customers will also recognize a poor-quality video a mile away, and that won’t instill confidence in your company or its products and services. We offer high-quality, professional videography that will make every testimonial video, branding video, training video, corporate event video, or other type of video optimally effective.

Whether you are looking for marketing videos for one venue or for a multitude of uses, we can work with you to create a single video or a series of videos to meet your needs. We can also be a valuable resource if you have an objective in mind but need guidance as to how to accomplish it. Call us to schedule a free consultation to discuss how our marketing videos can be the way you reach your Raleigh, North Carolina market effectively and memorably.

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