So you’re ready to get started. Great! Here’s how we price our videography services to make sure you get the best possible videos no matter what your budget.

Custom Pricing

First, we’ll meet with you to find out what type of videos work best for your goals and target market, factor the amount of time needed to get the job done right and then send you a custom quote.

We use the following pricing standards, and build you the videography strategy that saves you the most money! Who does that, right?

  • Videography by the Hour (per videographer): $125
  • Half-Day Videography (1 videogapher): $500
  • Half-Day Videography (2 videogaphers): $650
  • Full-Day Videography (1 videogapher): $700
  • Full-Day Videography (2 videogaphers): $850
  • FAA Licensed Drone Aerials: $150/hr
  • Graphic Design: $50/hr
  • Editing: $50/hr
  • Scripting: $50/hr
  • Photography: $75/hr
  • Photo Retouching: $50/hr

We Offer Volume Discounts:
We always advise our clients to plan ahead and shoot more than one video at a time, if possible. That way, your cost per video is less. However, if you need us for an hour here or an hour there, we can do it!

Package Pricing

If you’re looking for wedding packages, funeral packages, or other special events, we have set pricing to make it easy for you!

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